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DNA My Dog

Discover a deeper bond with our unique tests

Whether they sniff around for fun or start sniffling with the seasons, find tests to uncover heritage or health insights so you can understand what makes your dog so unique.
Essential Breed ID Test

Premium Breed ID Test

Price $79.99 $129.99
Complete breed breakdown

Identification of 350+ breeds.

Genetic health concerns

Discover genetic health concerns associated with breeds.

Personality traits

Learn about the unique breed behaviours.

Bonding ideas

Tips for bonding activities you both would enjoy.

Genetic age

Determine your dog’s biological age.

Wolf/Coyote DNA

Determine the extent of your dog’s wolf and coyote DNA.

Canine Allergy Test

Canine Allergy Test Expedited 7-Day Results

Price $107.99 $199.99
Food intolerances

Discover your dog’s sensitivities to the most common ingredients.

Environmental sensitivities

Learn if your dog is reacting to grass, pollen and other environmental allergens.

Care tips

Advice on how to work with your dog’s diet and wellness.

Household allergens

See if your dog is reacting to cleaning products, dust, mold and more.

Regular processing

Results in 2-3 weeks upon receipt of sample.

Expedited processing

Results in 7 days upon receipt of sample.


Deceased Dog DNA Test

This exclusive service offered only by DNA My Dog will determine every breed in a deceased dog using objects the dog has come in oral contact with and are still in your possession.

This ground-breaking DNA test is in response to dog parents who have always wanted to know what breeds their deceased dog was but were never able to find out.

Please note: You will not be sent a DNA testing kit. We will send you instructions for sending us your items and we will advise you on the best way to send them.

If you are having trouble ordering please email or call us at 1- 888-368-6233


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Use code PAWTERSDAY at checkout for $10 off and free shipping! 🐶


Use code PAWTERSDAY at checkout for $10 off and free shipping! 🐶