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DNA My Dog

Don’t Judge a Breed By Its Cover

See how the DNA My Dog Shelter and Rescue Program helps support all dogs.

We’re committed to every dog!

DNA My Dog has been helping shelters and rescues since 2009 when we first began our DNA testing service. Our founder is on the board of a Canadian rescue and has overseen the adoption of over 1,000 dogs to date. She also plays an active role with the ASPCA responder team, actively assisting in disaster relief and cruelty cases.

Canine DNA plays an important role in the canine rescue relationship. Knowing the breeds of a dog has been shown to lead to a quicker adoption for the dog. That is why we offer low-cost testing for dogs that are in the care of a rescue or shelter.

Time and time again we hear stories about dogs who have been in the shelter for months and months. When a DNA test is performed and the results are displayed, the dog is often adopted in days.

How we help

Quick adoption is only one benefit we offer to shelters and rescues. We have helped raise over $200,000 for the organizations involved in our shelter program. We also assist with fundraising campaigns and special events. And of course if any rescue wants to feature one of their special puppers on our social media, we would love to assist!

DNA My Dog has also donated forensic services to assist in animal cruelty cases. The DNA evidence provided has assisted in convictions for some offenders. We are privileged to be uniquely qualified to assist in these investigations.

Work with us

If you are interested in joining, click the Signup button and fill out the information.


Use code PAWTERSDAY at checkout for $10 off and free shipping! 🐶


Use code PAWTERSDAY at checkout for $10 off and free shipping! 🐶