Your dog’s unique DNA

DNA My Dog's simple cheek swab DNA test lets you learn the breeds in your dog and gain insight into the unique genetic background of your dog including the history of their breed, personality traits, exercise levels, and so much more!

Every dog has its own unique DNA. DNA My Dog provides you with a kit and very simple instructions for swabbing the cheeks of your dog and collecting your dog's DNA samples. The test is easy, painless and takes under a minute.

After we receive your samples, they are processed and run through DNA My Dog’s extensive database of certified dog breeds. All DNA matches from the unique cheek cells of your dog are recorded and you get to discover the breeds found in your dog’s unique canine heritage. It’s that easy!

After we get your DNA results we divide them up for you based on DNA matching tests. We provide you with percentages of the breeds found in your dog. Click here to order.

Your purchase of DNA My Dog test kits have raised over $97,000 for Canine Rescue to date! Details and shelters in our North American Shelter program can be found here.

Guess My Breed?

Dog DNA Test: Alli

This is Tucker. Please select which breed you think he is.

Level 1 – Black and Tan Coonhound
Level 2 – Great Dane

Level 1 – German Shepherd
Level 3 – Bloodhound

Level 1 – Doberman
Level 2 – Mastiff

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Plus You Get Even More

DNA My Dog also provides you with a custom certificate with a photo of your dog stating their unique DNA composition. This one of a kind certificate is suitable for framing, and when you see it you will want to do just that! You get your results in less than 2 weeks.

Your results also include a personalized analysis of the breeds found in your dog from our database of the most popular common breeds. This handy reference has every level of all breeds found in your dog’s DNA genetic profile PLUS it lists the unique personality traits and genetic health concerns associated with each breed.

With our Canine Genetic Age Test, you will learn the exact genetic age of your dog. A genetic age test is the best marker of a dog's health and an ideal way to discover the age of your dog when the calendar (chronological) age is not known. The first and only test of its kind, learn about any cellular aging issues affecting your dog. Click here to learn more

Act today. Order your test and see the true heritage of your dog in about two weeks.

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  • Your dog’s breed composition.
  • Unique personality traits of your dog.
  • Genetic health concerns.
  • Predisposition to disease.
  • Plus, much, much more!


  • A custom photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog’s genetic breed composition.
  • A percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s unique DNA.
  • A report on dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns.
DNA My Dog Kit