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DNA My Dog

Invitation To The Genetic Health Screening Program

Thank you for participating in our free genetic health and trait screening program. Please fill out the form below to receive complimentary test kits for up to 10 purebred dogs. Once you are accepted into the program you will receive an e-mail from us indicating the next steps.

The cut-off date is December 20, 2023 or until all spots are filled.

Please read below before submitting this form:

By submitting this form you acknowledge that all dogs being sampled are purebred dogs to the best of the participant's knowledge.

DNA My Dog accepts no liability for missing or late samples. Once all spots in the test panel are filled we are not able to accept additional samples. We will notify all participants once their samples are received and accepted.

All results will be finalized and reported within 12-16 weeks after samples have been received at our laboratory.

All data received and results therein are confidential. Your information will not be shared with anyone except the person named on this form.