Deceased Dog DNA Breed Testing Only $157

This exclusive service will determine every breed in a deceased dog using objects the dog has come in oral contact with and are still in your possession.

This groundbreaking DNA test is in partnership with the Paleo DNA Laboratory at Lakehead University. It is in response to dog owners who have always wanted to know what breeds their deceased dog was but were never able to find out. With our unique service you can now discover every breed in a deceased dog. Email or call us at 416-691-4160 to discuss the items you have so we can assess them for you.

What we can test with:
  • Toys
  • Blankets
  • Chewed household items
  • Toothbrush
  • Other items with dog saliva
What we are not able to use:
  • Fur
  • Collars
  • Food and Water dishes
  • Clothing (unless it was chewed)
Deceased Dog DNA

Please note: Your dog must have had contact with their mouth on the item being sent for testing. The item must not have come in oral contact with another dog or those breeds will report in the results.

How it works: Dog possessions are sent to our partners at the Paleo DNA Laboratory at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Canada. The DNA is extracted from the items and sent to DNA My Dog. From there we run it through our database the same way we process our usual canine DNA samples. We will report to you every breed found in your dog. Results include a custom certificate and are available in 3 weeks upon receipt of your sample.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn the breeds in your dogs after they have passed.


  • Your dog’s breed composition.
  • Unique personality traits of your dog.
  • Genetic health concerns.
  • Predisposition to disease.
  • Plus, much, much more!


  • A custom photo certificate of the breed’s found in your dog’s genetic breed composition.
  • A percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s unique DNA.
  • A report on dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns.
DNA My Dog Kit