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Health Plan A $50.00 value, now only $34.99 or an additional $31.00 if ordered with your DNA My Dog Test.

Our unique Health Plan screening tool is designed to give you the next level of proactive health care for your dog PLUS you also get these important services:
  • Specific health risks your dog may be predisposed to, based on your dog’s specific genetic breed makeup, age, weight, sex and other key lifestyle factors.
  • Disease risks that are measured and ranked for you according to prevalence probability and severity.
  • Genetic information on each disease based on the most current research.
  • A full explanation about each risk factor that may be affecting your dog including treatments available, managing the disease, clinical signs to be aware of and more. This information alone can save you thousands in veterinary bills and will be an invaluable asset in your dog’s life.
  • Our handy printable worksheet you can use to enable you to manage your dog’s health in one place and allow you to easily share this information with your veterinarian.
  • PLUS much, much more all included at one low price.
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Full Genetic Health Plan A $157.00 Value, now only $139.99 or an additional $120 if ordered with your DNA My Dog Test.

This extensive genetic screening is performed by one of the world leaders in canine genetic testing, Orivet. Your dog will be screened for over 100 of the most common breed diseases. Each test is normally $85.00 but with this exclusive package you can get all 100 plus tests for $120.

This service includes all of the features of the Health Plan PLUS you get specific screening for over 100 common genetic diseases. This test is commonly used by breeders but is an excellent tool for any dog owner to manage any potential health risks in your dog.

Please click here for the list of genetic diseases included with this test.

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  • Your dog’s breed composition.
  • Unique personality traits of your dog.
  • Genetic health concerns.
  • Predisposition to disease.
  • Plus, much, much more!


  • A custom photo certificate of the breed’s found in your dog’s genetic breed composition.
  • A percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog’s unique DNA.
  • A report on dominant breeds, personality traits and health concerns.
DNA My Dog Kit